Stanley facilitates transformative coaching conversations to help professionals and businesses to gain clarity, overcome challenges and achieve set goals. He has 7 years of coaching experience.


Stanley is the lead trainer for ICF accredited coaching course that he co-developed, mentor coach and assessor. He is an instructor for VMware, Google Cloud, EC Council, Juniper Networks, Symantec, CompTIA and CommVault. He has 18 years of training experience.


Stanley is a motivational speaker who speaks passionate about embracing change, growth mindset, overcoming adversity, mental resistance, self acceptance, personal development, positive attitude, gratitude and happiness. He has 12 years of public speaking experience.

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Transformative Power of Coaching

Client Testimonials

Stanley possesses deep knowledge of coaching principles and best practices. He expertly guided me through, providing clear explanations and practical examples. His emphasis on "coaching the person, not the problem" has become a cornerstone of my coaching approach. I recommend Stanley without hesitation to anyone seeking a skilled coach.
He was always helpful, accommodating and generous with his time. We have coached each other over the years since then, and I marvel at Stanley’s dedication to this art. Stanley is now an accomplished Professional Certified Coach that I highly recommend to anyone who wants a trusted, positive and an awesome active listener, to empower them for clarity and awareness.
Stanley is a fantastic trainer who facilitates great workshops that help learners to learn in an effective manner. He shares from his wealth of experience and gives relevant examples to help learners apply these skills in a real world scenario. Stanley is extremely calm and patient in guiding learners of all ages.
Stanley perpetually composed and serene demeanor creates a secure environment in which we feel comfortable sharing our coaching challenges, as well as our personal and professional development aspirations. Most importantly, he elevates the spirits of all those who come into contact with him. So, whether you are a senior executive seeking an experienced and accredited coach or a coaching trainee in search of guidance and advice, Stanley is the go-to person.
Stanley’s calm composure, quiet confidence and focused presence puts anyone at ease in no time. With a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt facilitating training and large events, Stanley’s skilled expertise most certainly shines through, positively impacting his audience. On a personal note, Stanley connects with people on a level that is unassuming, patient and genuine, giving them undivided attention, time and space. Stanley truly embodies the skills and very nature of an extraordinary Coach.
Through his guidance, I have gained a deep appreciation for the essentials of effective coaching, enabling me to enhance my coaching skills significantly. Stanley has the remarkable ability to identify blind spots and offer constructive feedback, creating a supportive environment for growth and improvement. I'm thankful for the training and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking to enhance their coaching abilities.



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