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SOS Samaritans of Singapore

Helping Someone in Crisis: If a friend tells you about their thoughts of suicide, you may be startled or react emotionally. Whatever your response, it’s important to try to remain non-judgmental and patient while showing genuine concern. It may be a challenging and unfamiliar conversation to have but it might also be life-changing. Listen to understand: We’ve all been in the situation where advice is the last thing we need to hear. Instead, recognise their struggle or what they’ve just said and invite them to keep talking. A person would not bring up suicide unless they are going through an extremely distressing period in their life. While listening, check on how they’ve coped so far and explore what resources they've tried so far. Encourage them to seek help: Let them know that it’s absolutely alright to seek out other additional help they may require. They may already be thinking of reaching out to a mental health or counselling professional but may not know where to start. Offer to accompany them to make an appointment if necessary. Having someone there with them can help them feel less alone and uncertain. Make a Referral: If you believe that someone you know may be at risk of suicide or is contemplating suicide, make a referral to SOS by calling our 24-hour Hotline at 1-767, or by writing into our CareMail service via Together, we can be there for those in crisis or thinking about suicide.

Family Service Centre (FSC)

FSCs are community-based social services that provide support for low-income and/or vulnerable individuals and families with social and emotional issues. Social Work Practitioners at the FSCs provide case management support and also partner with other agencies to coordinate holistic support for clients to help them achieve stability, self-reliance, and social mobility. FSC services include: Information and Referral: Providing information about social services, and linking individuals and families to appropriate social services and community resources based on the assessed needs Casework: Providing holistic case management and individual/family counselling Group Work: Bringing individuals and families with common needs together for purposeful group interactions to address their concerns and bring about positive change Community Work: Tapping on community resources to help individuals and families support and empower one another.

National Addictions Management Service (NAMS)

The road to recovery is different for every individual. At NAMS, our multidisciplinary team of addiction experts offer a range of services to meet each person's unique needs. This includes assessment, inpatient detox programme, aftercare support groups for our clients and their families. The first step towards recovery is an important one. We are here to assist and support you and your family.​ Call our All Addictions 6-RECOVER Helpline at 6-7326837, and speak to one of our patient, professional and discreet para-counsellors. We accept walk-ins for new clients. If we are unable to see you due to high patient volume, we will gladly make an appointment for you.​

WE CARE Community Services

WE CARE Community Services Limited is the first non-denominational outpatient addiction treatment centre in Singapore. We offer counselling and programmes for all forms of addictions including drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, eating disorder, internet and shop-lifting. We also run a community-based drop-in centre for the recovering individuals to connect with other recovering persons. Within this safe and non-judgemental environment, our clients are able to work on their recovery. Our Centre is staffed with professional counsellors who provide one-to-one and family counselling. We also facilitate addiction-related programmes to community agencies and various halfway houses. We also conduct awareness talks, community education and prevention outreach to the public and corporate agencies. WE CARE runs family workshops and education on how best to support the affected love ones. Crisis intervention is another important component of our services. And we do our best to contact clients soon after they contact or reach out to us. We also organise activities such as art classes, IT training, language coaching, and so on, so our clients can occupy themselves with healthy pursuits. Skills like money management and Microsoft Office are also taught to help our clients prepare for integration back into the community.